Victorian Style Luxury Living

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Victorian style home interior generally means a feeling of luxury. The results of the use of color and ornamentation have royal accent. Furniture and accessories are designed with intricate floral pattern.

Victorian style home decor with something that gives the impression of luxury. In this type of development is, in the Victorian style is impressive and British imperial rule. Similarly, in a Victorian house should appropriately describe the “government” and “authority” of the owner.

Ruang Tamu Mewah Gaya Victorian

Ruang Tamu Mewah Gaya Victorian

Lighting arrangements and dark colors, extensive use of elaborate marble, chandeliers and heavy paint marked as Victorian themed home. Embroidery and use of textiles, carpets usually rich in texture with the same flowers used in the schools of India to add to the beauty of the room.

Ruang Tamu Mewah Gaya Victorian

You can use the yellow-brown background, yellow Apply all over the walls, to give a warm touch of interest in the family room. Unique yellow color can be repeated even on the couch and chair. While Brown had rolled on the floor, table, storage timber frame. Do not forget to make a fire and put a long curtain floral pattern on pattern window, ceiling or design, creating a thick atmosphere of Victoria.

The unique design and beautiful prints elegant interior art of architecture, you can take in order to create an impressive interior. You can try this style present in the family room. A simple way that you can do to create a feeling of Victorian style is to apply the typical color of the building of Europe. Then combined with Victorian ornaments decorations.

Ruang Tamu Mewah Gaya Victorian


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