Tips on Planting Grass Elephant in Minimalist Home Page

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There are many commonly used grass yard  minimalist home, like a Japanese grass that usually makes when exposed to itchy skin due to pointed tip. There is also a mini elephant grass that is more palatable if we indulge in the yard. Excess grass is able to withstand the growth of other grasses. The presence of grass on the lawn will also add a nice minimalist interior design your home.

1. Prepare a mini elephant grass planting will you, you can buy it in the mini elephant grass cultivation. Or if there is Sodara or your neighbor who kindly elephant grass on the webpage already, you can ask him. 1 m2 for grass seed is usually enough to cover the mini home pages 6 to 8 m2 area, the distance between seedlings planted to about 8 x 8 cm only by the number of seeds planted between 3 to four seeds. When you’re growing and has reached the maximum density minimalist home page you will look very nice

2. Before planting grass in advance should you loose soil your minimalist home page, you can vary the shape or contour of the land of his, could make a small mound, and so forth. After that give the manure is dry so as not to smell the future. If it is flush with water so that the pores of the soil to be wet.

3. Plug the grass with the roots dug into the ground that has been loose and given fertilizer and wet, make sure the roots are covered with soil. after implantation, as applicable, do not forget to come back drenched with water.

4. Elephant grass yard minimalist house in 2 months you can already see the results and the longer it will look more nice and tight. Other grass would grow, you can take care of the other weeding every 1 or 2 weeks.

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