Tips on choosing paint for the bedroom

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Before we bought the paint for the bedrooms in the house, there are several steps that need to be diperhatikn so that no one in choosing wall paint in our dugout and family members.

  • Choose paint colors that suit our tastes
  • Consider the quality of the paint that will be used. Selection of a good paint will provide beautiful color combinations.
  • Color combination combined with interior design

After learning a few tips above, certainly there are still some unanswered questions, namely how to choose a quality paint that room looks beautiful, clean and neat.

Here are tips on choosing a good quality paint:

  • Wall paint has good quality, feels soft and not sticky. How to find out, dab the paint with his fingertips and rubbing the paint with another finger.
  • Make sure you select the paint is eco-friendly paint, not containing added lead / lead, and mercury are dangerous.
  • The smell of the paint is not too offensive because of odor paint that would interfere with the respiratory system.
  • Do not choose a paint that contains a substance ppAC (a type of white glue is water soluble). This type of paint easily eroded and chipped.
  • Good quality paint containing substance elastomeryc pure acrylic polymer.

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