Tips on Caring for Home Garden

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to get a beautiful garden of course you have to know how and tips on caring for house garden is good and right for the park house always looks beautiful. for those of you who want a home garden is beautiful as you can see Care Tips Home Garden.

1. Trim the grass in the park
Grass is able to show the impression of beautiful and green for the home page. However, the grass in the yard should be treated to preserve its beauty and kerapihannya. Ways that you can do is cut the grass regularly. Unlike the case with grass, flowering plants should be pruned after the plant finishes flowering, lest you cut up will flower.

2. Flush the plant on a regular basis
Typically, treatment of this one is not too concerned, but plants need water to be able to photosynthesize. Fortunately, we are in a tropical country so we do not need frequent watering. You just have to control the planting medium, if it begins to dry out, then you have to water your plants. You should know the nature of your plants. If your plants include dried plants, should not need much water. Unlike the dried plants, plants that need a lot of water, need to be watered as often as possible.

3. Add fertilizer to plants
The addition of fertilizer on plants useful to prevent plants fresh. If you have flowering plants, should add plant nutrients.

4. Exterminate pests and plant diseases
Plants are beautiful and pleasing to the eye, not necessarily free from pests and diseases. It is better if you can eradicate pests and diseases tabaman before harm your plants. You can make use of pest control natural environmentally friendly.

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