Tips on Building a Minimalist House 1 floor

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Build a minimalist house 1 floor should still consider the main part of a house that should be there, such as living room, family room, kitchen and dining room and the bedrooms have at least 2 bedrooms.

Due to quite a bit of room, you can divide it into several important parts. Eg like in the picture below. At first glance the design of this house is very small. But it has 3 bedrooms. You just add 1 fairly minimalist living room and dining room combined with living room and kitchen.

denah rumah minimalis satu lantai

The second image for minimalist home design one floor with bulkhead system. The drawback is that it will have some aisle and your house will look a bit cramped. But the function of each room is not reduced and it would seem more privacy.

contoh gambar rumah minimalis 1 lantai

Section for home furniture minimalist living room, you simply put a chair or sofa and a table with the added floor with carpet. Wall color wall should be bright or neutral colors such as white or ivory white. and usually there is a window in the living room is large enough, you can pair gordeng with neutral colors and not crowded memorable, simple and harmonious with wall color. In the corner can be added to the flower pot life.

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