Tips Clean Furniture in Terrace Houses

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As a result of frequent exposure to the hot sun and rain, your furniture also needs extra care. Basically, almost all of the furniture can be cleaned by using a towel soaked in warm soapy water. After that stay dry in the sun.

For stubborn stains, rub the surface with a solution made ​​of baking soda and vinegar. In addition, eucalyptus oil or soap mixed with vinegar can also be used on the surface of the fabric.

Quoted from page, the following tips on cleaning and caring for a variety of patio furniture in the house.

Seat Cushions
The simple way to clean the seat cushion is to use the vacuum machine or simply basking in the sun pillow while occasionally beating it to remove the dust that has accumulated.

If there are stubborn stains, make a spray solution that consists of ingredients such as 1.5 cups of water, one teaspoon of liquid dish soap and a tablespoon of borax. After stirring evenly, spray the entire side of the pillow. Give more attention to the curve or fold a pillow. After the drying pillows under direct sunlight.

floor Terrace
Boiling water flush to the floor, flatten with a mop. For stubborn stains, use a coarse brush specifically for outdoor flooring.

Furniture Wood or Wood Floor
Simply sprinkle baking soda on the wood surface and let sit for one hour. After that, just wipe it with a cloth.

White Colored Plastic furniture
Dampen a cloth with soap and warm water mixed berpemutih. Rub the surface of the furniture and basking in the sun.

Colorful Plastic Furniture
The principle is similar to cleaning the white plastic furniture. The difference, avoid putting too often colored furniture in the sun, because it will make the color fade faster.

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