There Mirrors Everywhere

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Presence of a mirror in a room can balance the dimensions of space and ‘fill’ blank wall more attractive. We recommend you order a special mirror to fit the size and shape of the space character. If you buy a stock, adjust the shape and pattern of the frame with the theme of your interior.


  • Reception room (foyer) or entrance wall

Function mirrors in space to reflect natural light during the day which comes from the direction of the window or door and passed into the room. At night, be useful to increase the intensity of the light from the room lighting. Install it in the right or left wall near the door. When a small receiver, plug in the wall directly visible when you open the door.

  • Family room & dining room

This mirrors in space to reflect the most prominent design space and natural light from big glass windows. Hang a mirror above a console table, credenza, or a chest of drawers, window or sections dealing with space / wall you want reflected.

  • bedroom

Function for ornate mirror. Put on the dressing table, wardrobe space, or wall walk in closet.

  • bathroom

Put on top of the sink. Bathroom mirrors are usually more simple without ornamental frame.


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