The sun light into Natural Decorative Elements

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Sunlight can be a beautiful and natural decorative elements.

Window facing west or east can incorporate light into the home in an amount sufficient, even excessive. Therefore, the area adjacent to the window so it is hotter than other areas. Even so, there are several ways to reduce the level of the light and heat of the sun’s radiation. Decorative elements on the window, being one of them.

Architects, Primaningtyas K. C. said that the ideal sunlight should enter through the north and south. Because the light from this direction is not too hot. The east and west, he said, is often avoided by introducing more sunlight, thus making the room hotter.

If only to make the window area facing east or west, it does not mean disaster. Primaningtyas said incoming sunlight can be minimized by using a window shade or grating. Even the window shade can lead to beautiful shadows. The resulting shadow may fall to the floor, wall, or ceiling, depending on the direction the light is coming.

At certain konsidi, highlighted shadow effect of light objects can be a decorative element. Image of an object to form a dark line bright. In the case of latticed window, depending on how the shadow form of the lattice. If the lattice-shaped horizontal stripes, then the shadow will appear yes shaped horizontal stripes. Similarly, the vertical lines. The game is also present shadow of the meeting whether or not the distance between one line to another line, in the lattice.

Creativity in the design of the lattice can form various types of images. Round or square pattern, can be applied. The image produced will be more interesting than just lines. Better again, because this one decorative element not appear at any time. Primaningtyas said, the windows facing east, will produce a shadow effect in the morning. While the window facing west, will cast a shadow in the afternoon. They appear to be “wait” This makes it even more interesting.

“Making this shadow is very dependent on the position of the window and the degree of the fall of light,” said Primaningtyas. That’s why, for him to be planned since the beginning of the construction of the house or when going to renovate the house.

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