Post-Flood Hit Home

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After the floods hit homes, of course, residents who experienced flooding busy residential to reorganize as usual.

Some tips that can be done after the floods hit home:

1. Floor, Wall and Window
Immediately clean the floor and walls affected by flooding by using disinfectants to clean and completely dry as well as open the doors and windows wide – wide to reduce the humidity in the room so that
home free of termites, fungi and insects.

2. Document and Home Furniture
All documents and furniture cleaning flooded homes ranging from carpets, tables, chairs and cabinets to be perfectly clean and dry. As for the documents submerged, while being able to be stored in the freezer to prevent mold growth while waiting for basking in the sun.

3. Electronic Goods
Do not use the first item – electronics when they are wet or not dried completely. It was to prevent short circuiting.

If the condition of the house is like a usual situation, it’s time to plan to prevent similar flooding event. Reset function room by putting items – items that are susceptible to water on the second floor is a wise choice but to do
residential remodeling by elevating some parts of the house.

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