Creating Minimalist Curtains

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one of the simplest ways to change the look of a room is to change the curtains, no need to book into the curtains handyman to fix prices are high because we can really make curtains minimalist with the raw material that is in our homes.

I set it up is as follows:

  • measure the length and width of the window, exaggerating each side about 10-15cm to fold

  • pieces of fabric (fabric can be anything, do not have special fabric curtains) in the size of the above


  • small folding right and left sides with the help Hemmer foot, the tutorial is here yes, if not we could have folded foot Hemmer then sew straight regular


  • fold the top and bottom and then sewing straight, if we fold and sew fringe difficulty curtains can ask for help builders vermak jeans, they’re pretty good at this Winking


  • with sewing holes shoes we make buttonholes on the top side of the fabric according to the number of existing hook


  • holes in each buttonhole with pendedel


  • insert hook in buttonhole


  • pairs of curtains on iron hooks

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