Completed peeling paint peeling walls

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Causes of peeling wall paint:

Type of paint used is growing louder and louder, so it can not follow the movement of painted surfaces such as wood.
Painting done on a layer of old paint that was calcifying, so the paint adhesion is reduced.

Painting on a dirty or greasy surface.
Using low-quality putty, so no power adherence and consequently when given a fresh coat of paint before the end of the putty layer will be lifted.
Painting in layers of old paint junky where the adhesion is less so, so what if given the high quality of the paint with a long interest and chipped paint.
Priming the system used does not match the final layer of paint.


Surfaces to be painted must be clean and dry.
Scrape the old paint coating that is damaged or of poor quality.
Avoid the use of putty on the entire surface, especially for exterior.
Use the recommended primer for the paint system used.


Layers of peeling paint must be scraped to the bottom surface, then wipe the surface. Where appropriate give base coat of paint before the coated paint finish.

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