Bookcase as Personal Library

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You like to read books? of course, as we get a collection of books – books, you were a little bothered to organize and store the book – the book at home.

Why not to create a personal library bookshelves in the residence as well as your house. In addition to more neatly arranged, shape and diverse color book can be a beautiful decoration when we outsmart smart.

Some things to consider when going to create a personal library shelves books at:

– Get to know the layout of your living room of the house, whether the location will utilize a corner bookcase wall rectangle, the rest of the space below the ceiling / roof or put to such use space partitioning. While to get around the small space, can be selected which bookshelves di’tanam ‘into a wall or bookcase hanging on the wall.

– Place and arrange books by categories such as the theme of the book or its author. It certainly would be easier for us today would find the book you want to read.

– It never hurts to mix and match display / bookcase among other embellishments such as tiny vases, clocks, picture frames or paintings.

– Put the couch, carpet and some cushions near the bookshelves to create a relaxed atmosphere while you read a book.

– Adjust lighting the lamp at the library, if necessary could be by adding a reading lamp can be placed in one corner of the room.

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