3 Tips Minimalist Style Home Interior Design

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Not only look at the outside of the home or exterior which is becoming a major part of which is directly seen by others, but the interior also needs a suitable and harmonious design. There are some important tips to design minimalist interior which could be a reference for you in building a minimalist style house. Here are his tips.

1. Customize Your Home With Themes

The first thing is to adjust the design theme of your home. Suppose your theme is a minimalist house with materials kayu.semua dominated parts of the house are made of special wood with lacquer paint. So minimalist interior design theme you also have to didesuaikan wood with the interior. All the furniture and the floor of the room furniture is dominated by kayi or the wood color harmony. The most important thing is also not too much to put excessive furniture especially the furniture does not have a function that is too important and will only spend a space only.

Put furniture which if really needed. Ornaments should use a simple geometric shape but that is dominated by horizontal vertikan and simple. If your minimalist house 2 floors, stairs to keep using wood base materials. Think of all the things in your minimalist interior design in order to align and comfortable.

2. floor

In order for the interior design of your wooden house style minimalist tune, you should use home flooring materials made ​​from wood. Can use special wood commonly used in home floor. Or if the wood is not what you get, you can use the color of the tile floor with wood. If you want a little brave you can use the floor contrasts with the theme of your house, for example using white floor. Or you can cover them with carpet color of wood.

3. paint

Like the theme of your house over the all wood. Paint the interior design of your home support can use the color of the paint timber. To avoid monotony some parts could use a paint color that was quite in contrast with the color of the wood. Suppose a certain room of wara paint match when using a bright red color. Use paints that are of good quality. What is important is not expensive painting to a maximum quality results and long-lasting.


source : inspirasi griya unik

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